How To Play Mahjong Online?

Mahjong is a historical game dating back a few millennia and the Chinese Empire. This game has conquered China and Asia. It is found in Asian casinos in the same way as blackjack or poker in Western casinos. There are two different types of Mahjong in online casinos today. We find the game in solitary mode and the traditional version, which is played with four participants. If the basic principle is the same, they are two different games. We are therefore going to present the two versions of Mahjong that it is possible to find at certain online casinos.

Mahjong Solo

Online solitaire Mahjong is different from the original, but it uses the same tiles and the same symbols. The rules are very simple, but luck and strategy make it a much more complex and tortuous game than you might imagine at first. In online casinos, it can be found in board games or even in slot machine mode. The game board consists of 144 pieces. The object of the game is to eliminate all of the tokens, which are superimposed on three floors and form a small pyramid. The tokens all carry a symbol which can range from a Chinese sign to a flower (see details of the symbols below). It is somewhat the same principle as the game of “Memory” except that the symbols are in plain view. To eliminate a part, its duplicate must be visible and accessible. A token is only accessible if one of these sides is free; that is, he does not touch another token on his floor. The challenge is to eliminate as many pieces as possible and possibly end the game. It is difficult, but not impossible.

Mahjong For Four

It is the true and authentic Mahjong, which is the king game in Asia. In online casinos, there are Mahjong tables on the model of poker tables.

The Elements Of Mahjong:

We play online with 144 pieces. The pieces are 3D tiles in the online version. They are divided into four families of 34 tiles.

The Encrypted Tiles 

They are made up of three sub-families. Each tile is in four copies.

  • Circles: these tiles are numbered from one to nine.

  • Bamboos: these figures are nine in number and represent bamboos except for the ace, which is a bird or a peacock depending on the version.

  • The characters: these are the numbers from 1 to 9 in Chinese script.

The Honours

There are 7 kinds of tiles that are grouped into two families. There are 28 honors in the classic game of Majhong.

  • The Winds: these are the Chinese cardinal points.
  • Dragons: It is a trap because there are no drawn dragons, but symbols representing:: China, the medium, the good fortune and the white face of the traditional theater is represented by a blank and white tile.

Supreme Honors

There Are Eight Which Are Separated Into Two Families:

  • Four Flowers: Plum – Orchid – Chrysanthemum – Bamboo
  • Four Seasons: Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter

The Course Of A Game Of Mahjong Online

The objective in Mahjong four is to make a combination of 14 tiles, which bears the name: Mahjong.

Players receive 13 tiles. On the plateau, 68 are placed on two floors. He must make combinations and try to make a Mahjong by drawing a card. Until he succeeds, he must draw a card and discard another. The tour takes place in a clockwise direction.

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